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How are certain fashion brands, like Savage X Fenty or SOUK + SEPIA, able to have a hardcore connection with their audience better than others?

 It’s not just because of Rihanna being a world-class super star or actress Tabith Brown wore a product from SOUK + SEPIA. But certain fashion brands have done it. Done what?! DISCOVER. THEIR. CORE. CONSUMER. When you are a lucrative brand (like those two brands listed above), you have researched who your consumer is, what she likes, what’s important to her, the whole nine. At EMERGETYPE, a fashion branding consultancy, we help homegrown women fashion brands discover who they truly appeal to so their designs can align with merchandise, production and what their core customer really wants for their lifestyle.


ABOUT THE FOUNDER:  During the founder’s 18 years in fashion and communications, Mikara Reid has gained deep insights on zeroing in and validating consumers, and as she transited into the independent fashion brands sector from luxury fashion houses, she develops a laser focus on your target so that brands can feel confident in their product, sales and brand. No fashion or business background? Not a problem — all you need is hard work, self-discipline, and for YOU to start. 


Do you know who your true customers are?


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Do You Know Who She Is?

Have a fashion design you are creating but not sure who would love to buy it?

If you answered yes, check out our brand discovery solutions:


Are you having trouble figuring out what your brand stands for or why your current target isn’t buying your products? Am I doing something wrong, or wasting time and money? In this fashion brand audit, we will look at the current state of your brand, target audience and uncover your top opportunities. Within 10 days, you’ll receive simple solutions to start implementing right away.


Available for:

  • Emerging fashion brands (start ups)
  • Established fashion brands 


If you have a specific merchandise challenge you need to fix right away because your audience isn’t buying, the merchandise planning for re-startups is for you. During this collaborative process, we’ll focus on resolving your target relevance and come up with custom solutions and tools to build a stronger merchandise plan and result. 


Serious fashion entrepreneurs know that creating a brand is not a one-step or overnight process. It’s a journey, and we have the roadmap to help you go from idea to industry impact through this fashion branding program with Mikara there. You’ll receive a personalized branding program for 13 months and bi-weekly check-ins as you go through every step of building your fashion start-up from scratch (discovering your core consumer; shaping your brand’s values, charm, business model around your consumer; manufacturer scouting and negotiation; concept-to-client methods and strategize advertising for launch  brand design). 


CRAFTSMANSHIP: We admire the beauty of women’s fashion like most women but the developing phases that no one sees until the final product is such a masterpiece to us. We value this process so much; that’s why we offer a concept-to-client method for our target so we can be there in the final fittings. 

INDIVIDUALITY: being YOU in today’s world is worth more than you can ever imagine. So why try to be someone else? We pride ourselves on working with people who aren’t afraid to be themselves and want to be at the forefront of fashion the unconventional way. This makes their role more enjoyable to push the envelope on making your fashion startup a more unique brand. 

SELF-DISCIPLINE: Having a drive for something is one thing, but when it comes to creating a business from scratch, it needs self-discipline to be successful. Everyone we work with has a level of self-discipline in order to do the groundwork of branding and shaping your business for a profitable fashion brand.

Thank you for your interest in EMERGETYPE! Whether you would like more information on a specific project, or just have a general question or comment,



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