Case Study

  • Who Are They? SOUK + SEPIA
  • What Market Are They In? Fast Fashion
  • Products They Are Known For? Women’s blouses, dresses, and fashion accessories.
  • What Makes Them Standout? Fusing African heritage into American silhouettes.
  • Why They Need EMERGETYPE? Rebranding and finding a new brand voice that aligns with black and brown women’s lifestyle.
  • EMERGETYPE’s Solution:
    • Assess the customer’s reviews on websites, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Google.
    • Meeting with the operational manager, founder and production manager on their current retail system (this includes e-commerce and pop up).
    • Reviewed the current merchandising trends, top sellers, planning and buying patterns. 
    • Design survey questions for returning customers who spend over $250 .
    • Arranged a focus group with real consumers on unreleased products.
    • Set up a new merchandise planning. Brand hit a milestone – 12% increase in sales, a milestone for the e-commerce brand within 38 days of project started.
    • Decreased the return percentages by creating digital content to educate customers.